Helios.im home hosted web server on Raspberry Pi

helios.im server comes installed on a compact Raspberry Pi computer (45 grams/1,6 once, credit card size 3 ⅜ × 2 ⅛ in). It’s delivered in a clear case, with Ethernet cable, power plug (for the usb dongle version) or high quality 7 ports USB Hub (hard drive version), an SD Card and either a usb flash memory dongle (low cost solution) or an external hard drive (poweruser solution). Everything has a one year warranty.

Operating System is Raspbian, the Raspberry Pi version of Debian Wheezy. helios.im is made of 100% free software. Raspbian is reliable: your sever won’t let you down!
We will guide you and help you to make sur that your first steps in the world of home hosting are as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We offer a 3 months personal support (landline and mobile phone number in France, SMS, Twitter, email, our wiki and users forum). Raspbian is widely used. You’ll have the full support of the Raspbian/Raspberry Pi community (more than 1 million units sold all over the world).

Three prototype servers are already running, the first one, which hosts this blog, has been online and running for more than three months.
Dispatch to the public will begin shortly, as our boutique goes online. Shipments will be limited to the European Union at first but it may quickly change if interested parties make themselves known!
Source: http://www.helios.im/en/4/helio-im-serveur-web-auto-heberge-sur-raspberry-pi

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