Laman Mozilla Danish diGodam oleh SbKiller Cyb3rSec

Assalamuilaikum semua...hye...The official website, forum and blog of the Mozilla community from Denmark were breached and defaced by a hacker called Sbkiller, part of the Malaysian Cyb3rs3c Crew.

Cyber War News informs that the hacker didn’t deface the sites’ main pages, instead he added his own webpage to each subdomain ofMozillaDanmark he managed to gain access to.

The affected domains are,,, and At the time of writing the message and the image posted by the hacker are still available, but the sites are working without any apparent issues.

The reason for which the defacement was performed is uncertain, but on his personal Facebook page the hacker claims he is a white hat and a “security tester.”

“I don’t steal and exposed your database. We not hack for profit but to notify about security of your website. Please patch your website before other steal your database,” the hacker writes.



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